Zumba classes presented by Marla Joy (http://marlajoy.zumba.com/) are at the Bayside Community Hall located between Arcata and Eureka every Monday and Thursday night from 6-7pm.

The venue is the best dance hall in Humboldt County. The floor is a beautiful 80 year-old fir surface in very good condition that gives with every leap. The room is dark with the highlights of the disco ball. The sound system is commanding with large Klipsch speakers and a thumping Mackie sub to get to the root of your soul.  The instructor is located on a large stage with theatrical lights so moves are easily visible with no visual hindrance. 

Participants are all ages and abilities. Water breaks are encouraged but the class is conducted in a non-stop manner. Students are instructed to modify moves to adjust to their mobility limitations if necessary.

Drop-In classes are $6, $5 with a 10 class punch card and Bayside Community Hall members are $4 per class.

For more information contact the instructor Marla Joy at 707-845-4307 or marla_joy@suddenlink.net