Bayside Bandemonium is an alternative community activist street band led by world music composer and researcher, Gregg Moore and based at the Bayside Community Hall. The band offers an utterly original sound inspired by music from around the globe. Their diverse ages, backgrounds and skill sets make for a unique pairing of theatrics and soul, and have made Bandemonium a crowd favorite since it’s inception in 2005. The group offers everything from folk to klezmer to anti-war and galician bagpipe music. They can often be found lending their 'Joyful Noise in the Street' to any of a number of worthy causes of Social Justice.  The Womens' and Science Marches, CASA of Humboldt, Tri-Counties Independent Living, the Betty Chinn Center and the Emma Center are only a few local charities that have enjoyed the positive attention Bandemonium attracts .
Contact Gregg Moore (707)499-8516 or or see the recruitment webpage for more information.