This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, to share contact information, and to see how small groups can be mutually supportive in times of stress. Here are some resources. Click on an item to go to a shared google document. These documents will be updated and expanded as new information comes along. 

To use a document (such as the spreadsheet) save a copy to your own computer. To contact the pod instigators, email us at ourcommunitypods@gmail.com.

Stay healthy!

What are Community Pods?
Sample Neighbor Outreach Flyer
Sample Spreadsheet for Collecting Community Information 
(To use this spreadsheet, go to File > Download and save a copy to your computer. Use either Excel or Open Doc format. If you make changes in this online version, they will not be saved.)

One Example of Pod Formation
NextDoor Group and Help Maps info
Some Pandemic Resources