Mondays & Thursdays
6:00 - 7:00 PM
Contact:  Marla Joy (marla_joy@suddenlink.net)   

What is Zumba?
Zumba is a Columbian word for  "move fast and have fun".  Love to dance?  Zumba is a perfect workout for you.  You will be dancing and having fun not even realizing that you just had a great workout. Don't know how to dance or never danced before?  No problem -- just follow along at your own pace and do your own thing.  It's all about moving and having fun. Just relax and feel the music and find the rhythm in your own body.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements, which create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Zumba uses Salsa, Cumbia, Meringue, belly dancing, hip-hop, Reggaeton and other dance styles to create a cardio-vascular, strength, endurance and interval training program unlike any other. The combination of music and passion instills magic. The high energy keeps the workout routines fresh and exciting. The cardio-based dance movements are easy-to-follow steps.

Dancers and non-dancers alike immediately and easily master a Zumba class because you do not have to know how to dance to succeed at Zumba. Zumba creates a party-like atmosphere that provides a non-intimidating opportunity for non-dancers and new exercisers. At the same time dancers and long-time exercisers thoroughly enjoy the change of pace-exercising in a healthy, fun, party-like environment.