The Bayside Community Hall can be rented for a variety of events. Refer to other pages on this site to learn about the facility and its amenities. PLEASE NOTE: All rentals after September 1 will require a $400 deposit. This deposit is refundable in total or in part, after your post-event inspection.

If you have an event date in mind, go to the Calendar to see if is available or has already been booked. Please be aware that some bookings are in process and may not have been posted yet. The hall is rated to hold 280 people and the kitchen is rated at 130 people.

Then email or call 707-822-9998 for the Hall Manager to confirm if that date is available. If you are a nonprofit, we can link your event to your website or a .pdf of the printed announcement.

Check out the additional pages including

Renter Hall & Kitchen per hour Hall & Kitchen
per day
Kitchen Only
Individual $50.00/hr $350.00

per day
Commercial $50.00/hr $350.00

per day
Non Profit $35.00/hr $225.00

per day
Youth (18 & younger)
$35.00/hr $200.00
per day
Second Day 
(for all renters)
n/a $150.00 n/a
The date for an event will be confirmed and reserved ONLY when both the rental agreement and the security deposit have been received by the Hall.
A Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $500,000, listing Bayside Community Hall as an "Additional Insured", is required for your event date. This may be obtained through a homeowners, business or special event policy, and may be purchased through an agent or online; is economical.
All fundraising events where the public attends and beer, wine or liquor are served, require a permit from the Department of Alcohol and Beverage control. In addition, the Certificate of Insurance must include alcohol coverage.
Audio-visual (projector, screen, lights, PA system, easels, etc)
Kitchen (coffee pots, dishes & flatware, wine glasses, chafing dishes, bus tubs, cloth napkins, etc)
Decorations (lights, drapes, wreaths, pop-up canopy, bubble machine)
Table linens and more.
Please see the Rental Equipment List above for details.