We are most easily reached by email:
Message Phone: 707-822-9998

Board of Directors 
Brian Curtis - Vice President
Dick Hansis
Carolyn Jones - President
Denise Jones
Calista LaBolle
Greta Montagne
Gregg Moore
Sue Moore - Secretary
Rachael Patton - Treasurer
RENTAL MANAGER - Nicole Chancellor
We are a mostly volunteer organization.
Join one of these Standing Committees and help make it all happen.
Breakfasts - Chair: Rachael Patton  
Building - Co-Chairs: Greta Montagne, Dick Hansis & Gordon VanZee
Holiday Fair - Chair: Denise Jones
Kitchen Renovation - Chair: Denise Jones 
Landscaping - Chair: Dick Hansis
Membership - Chair: Carolyn Jones 
Newsletter & Website - Chair: Carolyn Jones 
Social Media - Chair: Calista LaBolle
Volunteers - Chair: Diane Anderson