Wedding Party at BCH


We're celebrating 85 years of serving the community!  The Hall construction was completed in 1942, so that's 75 years of dancing and serving community Breakfasts and dinners!



8am to noon

Breakfast in Bayside
Our traditional quarterly breakfast, featuring some new menu items. All-you-can-eat made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes, plus home-made frittatas, scrambled tofu, chicken-apple sausages, beans and greens, fruit, juice, Humboldt Bay coffee and other hot drinks. Live music from 9:30am. $8 Full Portion, $5 Smaller Portion for under 12 and over 60. Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options are available.


all day starting at 8am

Volunteer Work Day - WE NEED YOU!
Phase II of our long-awaited kitchen remodel starts tomorrow, and we need help moving everything out of the kitchen and dining areas. That means packing up equipment, removing cabinets, disconnecting sinks and stoves, removing wooden panelling from the walls and relocating everything into the main hall.
We will be installing a partition wall, new sinks and counters, a dishwasher (!!) and all new flooring in the kitchen and dining areas. Wow!


BUILDING UPDATES! - Stoves and ventilation hood are complete! Seismic retrofitting is complete! Thank you DANCO for an awesome job. We will be closed during the month of February for kitchen renovation, including a dishwasher! Come to a Hall event and check it out!


All Under Heaven * Allison Curtis * Amy's Almost Perfect * Arcata Pizza and Deli * Bencharong Thai
Big Blue Cafe * Bubbles * Cafe Phoenix * California Native Plant Society * Caravan of Dreams * Carol Moné
CenterArts * Cypress Grove * Denise Jones * Dick Hansis * Dick Stepp * Don Banducci * Flora Organica Designs
Food is love love is food * Frankie's New York Bagels * George Bucquet * Gordon VanZee * HealthSPORT
Heart Bead * Holly Yashi * Jan Rothrock * Ken Burton * Lee Dedini * Los Bagels * Marilyn Page & Jim Test
Lost Foods Nursery * North Coast Coop * Plaza * Rebecca Stauffer * Redwoods and Rivers Rafting
Renata's Creperie * Rowe Mediation * Scott Holmquist and Catherine Adamidi * Septentrio Winery * Sue Moore
Sweet Moon Jewelry * Terry Uyeki * The Alibi * Westside Pizza * Wildflower Cafe * Coho Cottages
Brian Curtis * Humboldt Tai Chi * Front Porch Inn * Carolyn Jones

Humboldt Craft Spirits * Trinity River Winery * Mad River Brewing Co. * Humboldt Honey Wine
Spring Hill Farmstead Goat Cheese * Tofu Shop * Woody Ryno Farms * Jacoby Creek Land Trust
Wild Planet Seafood * Fish Brothers * Fern Farm Trinidad * Beck's Bakery
Flora Organica * Luna Farm * Trident Lightning Farm * Deep Seeded Farm

Rachael Patton * Dawn Walker * Chrys Taylor * Chris Covington * Brett Shuler * Wendy Chan
Allison Kenney and Zach Wenderott * Emma Zierer * Natalia Boyce * Carolyn Jones

Our mission is to foster social and community life for residents of Bayside and Humboldt county. Our historic community center is an affordable venue for social and cultural gatherings, education, health and fitness, youth leadership development, entertainment and activities that support community organizations and causes.

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